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March 9, 2012
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Dick Hines
Lanexa, VA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2
  Height:   7
  Depth:   2
Materials:   Maple, bubinga and a one of my trout flies "Royal Coachman"

This is a adaption on a ornament someone gave me years ago. That one only had one opening. I decided to make my ornament with 4 openings.

The block MUST be square. I use a 2" block. I drill two 1" holes and a 3/4" hole completely through the blank. Then the block is mounted on a chuck with pin jaws in one of the 1" holes. Using a small hollowing tool I reach inside and very carefully hollow out one side. Then the block is turned around on the chuck and the process is repeated.
Then I turn the cap and finial. They are then glued into the 3/4" holes. After the glue is dry I remount the ornament on the chuck again and turn the cap and finial to mach the shape of the inside on the globe. Care must be taken because of the spinning finial.

I then tie a fly and mount it with very fine gold wire to the underside of the ornament cap.

Judges Comments
CD : Nice proportions of elements and colors. The fly inside is innovative, but a bit distracting. Perhaps it is appealing to a fly fisher-person.....but to the non fisher-person it doesn't look quite right.
DS :  I like the fly in the ornament, but I wish the entire ornament carried through with the delicateness of the fly.
KH : Nice idea. Colors go well and compliment. The lower finial shape and execution could be improved to add to the concept. The flats on the globe are a bit distracting to my eye.

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