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March 9, 2012
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# 937
Walter Wager
Monticello, FL
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2.75
  Height:   7.5
  Depth:   2.75
Materials:   Maple, Makassar Ebony

Inspired by Stuart Mortimer, I have worked at using spiral hollowforms in many of my turnings.  This Christmas I have made a series of hollowform ornaments, like the one shown, with contrasting spheres and finials.  With spiral spheres it is important to maintain an even wall thickness.  One technique for doing this is to turn the sphere, layout the cut lines, and drill a series of holes along the cut lines to a consistent depth.  Then when hollowing the sphere it is easy to gague the wall thickness as you hollow to the depth of the holes.  The bines are then opened with a rotary tool and carbide burr, and sanded round with strips of sandpaper.

This is a detail of the top (through which the sphere was hollowed). The top cap is turned from makassar ebony, and a silver hook-eye was constructed from silver wire and glued in.

The finial contains a small sphere with a reverse spiral carving.  The carving was done with a small diamond jewelers file.

Looking up from the bottom, the Makassar finial is inserted into a bottom cap, also Makassar.

Judges Comments
CD : Mortimer-style twist is very effective on this ornament. Well made, nice finish. Simple details in finials work well with the complicated twist. Twisted bead is a nice touch, but I believe this ornament would be better without it.
DS :  Nicely done. Different from the norm.
KH : I like the Mortimer concept and the upper globe. I also like the influence in the lower finial. Would think the ball at the bottom might be more complimentary of the entire ornament if it was a teardrop shape.

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