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March 9, 2012
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# 935
Hal Metlitzky
Claremont, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2 1/2
  Height:   8 1/2
  Depth:   2 1/2
Materials:   Ebony, Yellow Heart, Holly, Satine (Bloodwood),miniature eyehook, #3 fishing swivel, Brushing lacquer, acrylic finish, wood glue and epoxy.

The construction is divided into two major parts. The top part is constructed of 25 layers each made of 1/8 inch squares of four colored woods. Each layer was drilled in the center, held together with a dowel and then cut to shape on a band saw to yield the pattern required.  After sanding the layers were reassembled with a ¼ inch plastic straw instead of a dowel in the center so that glue would not stick to it and a perfect ¼ hole would be left to hold the top and bottom pieces. Each layer was displaced a set angle and glued together to form a spiral.
Four pieces of 5/16 inch square ebony were glued together with paper to form a 5/8 square. This was turned to form the inner void of the bottom part. (inside outside turning) A holly ball was turned and finished off in a jam chuck to fit into the void.
The four pieces were separated, turned around and re-glued to form the bottom portion with the holly ball inside. The Holly ball, mounted on a pin, was finished with an acrylic finish so that when a lacquer finish was used on the rest of it would not dissolve the finish on the ball. The bottom portion was held in a four jaw chuck in the head stock and supported in the tail stock with a cup center. A ¼ inch tenon was cut to fit into the hole on the top portion and glued on.
The cap for the spiral was turned by holding a 5/8 piece of ebony in the headstock . A ¼ inch tenon was cut to glue into the spiral and the cap was predrilled to take a miniature eyehook fitted with a #3 ball bearing fishing swivel. The effect of this ornament is that as it swivels it creates an eye catching effect pulling the eye down to the white ball in the black cage below. Finally the ornament was given three coats of brushing lacquer and rubbed out with 0000 steel wool. The total weight of the ornament is 1.1 OZ.  Tools used : A ¼ inch bowl gauge was used for most of the turning and a miniature skew chisel for the small details.


This is closeup of the inside/outside turning forming the bottom portion of the ornament.The holly ball is clearly visible in its ebony cage.

This view shows the top view, showing off the different colored woods and the spiral, looking down into it. It is resting on a small block of wood for the sake of the photograph.

Judges Comments
CD : Very nice overall shape. Well crafted details. Innovative idea. Nice use of negative space to give the impression of a positive outline. Could have done without the detail inside the finial, which adds to the technically difficult factor, but makes the finial a bit overdone.
DS :  The icicle is a novel touch, but the globe is not in proportion. The fishing swivel is ok, but the clasp should have been removed. Nice ornament, but no cigar.
KH : I like the design idea and the execution for the most part. The upper portion idea is good as is the lower finial but they lack something put together. The proportions of each don't blend well. I think the upper and lower could be better sized to work together. Seem awkward as sized now. Still both cool ideas.

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