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March 9, 2012
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# 931
Jim Beckwith
Somerville,, NJ
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2.5
  Height:   6
  Depth:   2.5
Materials:   A 1.25 inch sea urchin from Sanibel Island, Florida and Maple harvested in Maine.
This, for me, is a new wrinkle using a sea urchin.  The urchin is a little over an 1 -1/4 inches in diameter and the overall height is 6 inches. The wood elements are turned in Maple. The piece was turned largely with a small bowl gouge and a parting tool. The bell portion has a tenon which matches the larger opening in the urchin and extends almost the entire height of the urchin. It is drilled through with an 1/8 inch hole that the clapper and handle will be attached to. The handle is turned with a lower tenon which matches the upper urchin opening and then a 1/8 inch dowel which seats into the bell tenon. The lower detail of the handle was undercut to match the profile of the urchin.The urchin was cleaned with a weak mix of water and bleach and then glue was applied to the inside of the body to increase strength and the outside has been sprayed with a satin varnish.
This picture shows in more detail how the urchin aligns with the bell form.  The clapper is suspended with beading cord which is glued into the previously mentioned 1/8 inch hole.
This picture shows the handle detail. The eye hook at the top is made from 24 gauge copper wire and the hanger is made with slightly heavier gauge brass wire. The wood elements are finished with three coats of Min-wax Tung Oil and Beal buffed before assembly of the four parts.

Judges Comments
CD : Nice proportion of elements. Good flow of lines. Good craftsmanship, crisp details. Well done color balance and use of different materials.
DS :  Beautiful form and proportions, with clean turnings. All aspects flow together. It's hard to make something simple, beautiful, but this person succeded!
KH : I like the design of this. The proportions and balance work nicely integrating the shell. All works great together although the hanger does compete for attention. Might consider a glued in monofilament (no brass eye or the like) to make the entire ornament suspend in space. Well done.

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