Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
Entry Details

# 916
John Lucas
Baxter, TN
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   18
  Height:   1.5
  Depth:   9
Materials:   Pine, Cherry, Epoxy, and Photograph
  This is a match box mirror with match for a handle.  The handle is Pine that is wire brushed with a match head of colored and airbrushed epoxy.  The details in the match head are power carved.   The body is Cherry with a photograph laminated to the outer surface.
This is the glass side of the mirror.  The quote was burned in and a burned detail was added.
The matchstick is held to the box with a hidden dowel.
This quote is very appropriate to those of us trying to find our way in the turning world. We need passion.

This detail shows the wire brushing on the handle as well as the carving and texturing on the head.  It also shows the burned detail as well as the turning for the mirror opening.

Judges Comments
Andi : This is a really nice conceptual piece, but the inscription via pyrography isn't quite what the contest was about.
Graeme : Great concept and execution, some might query it's validity as a turned and burned object but I see elements of both skills, I like the torched detail and very appropriate quote!
Molly : This is an extremely creative piece, and well executed using the photograph, and epoxy to so accurately recreate the matchbox and match. My only critisism is the limited element of pyrography. Granted it was used to burn in the quote, however that appears to be the only pyrography component to the piece. The artist has neglected to use pyrography with a 'textural and graphic effect that works in sympathy with the overall design of the piece'.

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