Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
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# 914
Donna Banfield
Derry, NH
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   3 1/2"
  Height:   4"
  Depth:   3 3/4"
Materials:   Cherry wood; HannesTool 3/8 bowl gouge; #3 Hunter Tool for interior  finish cuts; Burnmaster Eagle Woodburner with 1B handpiece; NSK Presto with round burr; 3M Radial Bristle brush; Deft Lacquer
After turning the vessel on the lathe, I used a Burnmaster Eagle Woodburner with a 1B tip, sharpened on a diamond file.  This tool was used to cut/burn the outlined pattern. I sharpened the tip so that it would cut across the grain cleanly, and leave a single continuous line.  The pattern is a variation on a simple theme; this is my interpretation of leaves.  I changed this simple leaf pattern by varying the sizes, and drawing them close to each other.  Using a stimpling pattern inside each leaf further changed the appearance.  
The leaf pattern was done freehand with the woodburning tip; no pre-drawing of the design was done.  I discovered that pre-drawing unintentionally caused me to spend more time trying to trace the first outline, and that would occasionally leave the burning tip in the wood slightly longer than I wanted.  This resulted in an uneven burn pattern, particularly as I transitioned the tip around the curves.  Drawing and burning the pattern simultaneously eliminated that undesirable effect.
The stimpling pattern was done using a round burr held in a Presto NSK handpiece.  I cleaned off the fuzz left behind with a 400 grit 3M Radial Bristle disc.  The piece is finished with several coats of Deft Lacquer, sprayed on.

Judges Comments
Andi : Nice design and technique for the pyrography and texturing. The shape of the vessel is slightly distracting, though, with the break in the line from the rim to the foot.
Graeme : Very nice subtle piece, simple well executed detail and texture.
Molly : The burned outlines of this piece are skillfully executed. They have consistent thickness, and flow well. I particularly like the contrast between the textured interiors and the natural wood . While I'm drawn to the overall form, I believe it would appeal to me more if the base were slightly plumper. When I hold my finger up to cover about 1/2" of the base, the form appears better proportioned.

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