Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
Entry Details

# 913
John Soderquist
Tooele, UT
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   11 1/2
  Height:   2 3/8
  Depth:   2 1/8
Materials:   Honduran Mahogany
Title: Homage
To the many wonderful and talented people with whom I have had the great privilege to work, and who have provided me with invaluable advice and guidance.
And to all the artisans and craftsmen of centuries past who spent countless hours creating such beautiful and intricate knot work.
May I have the honor of following in their footsteps. . .
My goal was to create a knot work pattern within a pattern. I did this not because I wanted to give myself a migraine (which I did) but because I wanted to create a project  which would push my limits and abilities and one I could really learn from.
I began by turning a simple, mahogany bowl. Then I transferred the overall pattern to the bowl and carved it out using a coping saw, power carver and various hand carving tools.
I chose three different knot work designs for the burning to show off each of the different carved areas (open circles, solid circles and knot). I feel this allows the overall pattern to stand out a little more and doesn't overwhelm the project with one single knot work design.
To finish the bowl, I hand rubbed French Polish and polyurethane onto it which brought out a nice deep tone in the wood.
I will admit that the curvature of the bowl gave me some trouble - burning an intricate pattern on a compound curve was quite the challenge.
I am into this project about 80 hours from design to finish.
May all who have entered this contest inspire future generations to carry on wonderful handcrafted woodworking traditions!

Judges Comments
Andi : Very nice implementation of a motif within a motif. The pyrography is nicely done and works very well with the carved surfaces.
Graeme : Great piece, good attention to detail and I like the way the bowl design matches the surface design.
Molly : A very impressive piece. Review of the photos show a proficiency and very effective texturing technique. The design of this piece is stunning.

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