Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
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# 909
Jeannie Ureno
Catonsville, MD
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   11 3/4
  Height:   11 3/4
  Depth:   1 3/4
Materials:   Maple, Carnauba Wax, Alcohol-based Aniline Dye,
detail master IV burning system with changable tips

My father is a woodturner and over the past few years he has handed me some of his turned peices to enhance.  I have embellished them mostly with acrylic paints by painting flowers and designs.  A couple years ago he asked me to try pyrography on one of his pieces.  I had never done this before but I figured, why not,  try it, it's just another medium. Well, I loved it.

Last year he taught me how to turn and I also took a small class on it. I have only turned a dozen pieces or so.  I recently turned this bowl for the purpose of using the rim for my picture.  

I normally do not use stencils or trace or draw on the wood.  I freehand with the pyrography pen on most everything I do.  It leaves you no room for mistakes by doing it this way, but its but its the way I paint and draw.  Recently, some local woodturners wanted me to show them how to burn so to make it easier to show them I divided this bowl into four sections, drew my picture within one section, then transferred the picture onto the rest of the bowl.  I was then able to show them in steps how the process went.  Later I finished up the bowl and decided to enter it.

I have recently been using aniline dyes on the wood to enhance the pyrography.
I usually use the dyes fairly bright.  I use alcohol to help the dyes flow and use a watercolor technique dipping the alcohol with the dye to build the color from
light to dark. On this piece I decided to give just a hint of color so the pyrography
was more pronounced.   I don't know much about finishing yet and I don't have much on hand to complete this process.  So I polished it with carnauba wax.  

I like to finish the bottom of each piece with something from the main piece, such as a leaf, flower or scene.  

Judges Comments
Andi : The pyrography is nicely done and works very well with this platter form. Completing the design with the detail on the foot is really great as is the gentle coloring effects that complement the wood.
Graeme : Nice turning and great pyrography, I like the subtle use of colour.
Molly : As a beginning turner, the platter is well executed. The bead where the rim and bowl meet provides a crisp and deliberate transition, strengthening the overall piece. The pyrography looks well done, while the subtle coloring provides additional depth.

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