Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
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# 878
Don Leydens
Oxford, NC
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   15"
  Height:   1-1/2"
  Depth:   1"
Materials:   Spalted and figured Maple.
I wanted just the right wood for this and man, did I find it! All the waves and background are all natural maple wood. Only the 2 colored rings on the rim and the wood burning itself were done by me. The clipper ship was set in the natural waves to look right at home in the open seas. It's 15" diameter and finished with Tung Oil and Renaissance wax.
Close up of the ship in the waves.
Although I believe I can only enter the one main piece, this is a photo of the 3 piece set that this became. A lighthouse and dock scene are now part of the set. They're all from the same slab of wood. The big one being a platter, the medium one a dish and the small one a bowl. 15", 9.5" and 6.5" diameters.

Judges Comments
Andi : Excellent use of the grain for a canvas to bring out the design. I couldn't really examine the pyrography from the photos provided, but at a distance the design elements work well.
Graeme : Nicely turned and finished. Fantastic marriage of grain and design.
Molly : The use of the natural spalting lines and figure of this wood as part of the overall design is magnificently achieved. The platter is technically crisp and well done, with the colored band just enough to provide a subtle, yet elegant frame. The pyrography appears to be well executed, however a close enough photo shot was not available for detailed inspection.

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