Turning and Burning
March 16, 2010
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# 873
Joe van Keulen
Strathmore, AB
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   12
  Height:   4
  Depth:   4
Materials:   Birch

This started out to be a regular 12" by 4"bowl. It then developed cracks. This was really disappointing, so the cracks became the holes.

The next thing was to change the rim from round to wavy. I sanded the rim so that one part would face in and the others out. This was about the only thing that I really planned. I thought I would stipple-burn this as well as the holes which I made at a 45° angle so it would show the burning.

After this I wasn't so sure what to do, so I flipped the piece over and over and I noticed the shape of an angel in the knot.

I took it inside and asked my wife if she saw something in the knot but she did not, I asked a few others but no again. So I took my pen and high lighted the outlines now you can see it. And of course this is how the name "Angel Bowl" arrived.

On the other side of the piece I saw the shape of a bird again I took my pen and outlined the beak and part of the head. By the way, the knot on both sides is natural. I never touched it up. All the burning was done with a Razertip burner and home made brands.

The rest of the pyrography is done by following the lines in the wood and changing from short little strokes to stipple at various lengths and temps.

I have been asked if it was supposed to represent West Coast or Maori and others but no, I just did what I thought looked good.

The bottom is a little more of the same types of decoration, but the main thing there is the famous basket weave by Molly Winton.

In 2006, I went to the AAW Symposium in Portland, where I attended three of Molly's classes. I picked up a wealth of information that I use on many of my pieces.

This piece was turned last fall and the pyrography was done during Christmas. It took me approximately three weeks and I had a jolly good time doing it. After it was done I finished it with a few coats of lacquer.

I hope you like the looks of it.   



Judges Comments
Graeme : Nice combination of carved/burnt textures and colours. Great recovery from a cracked bowl. The holes seem a little out of step the way they cut across lines.
Molly : This piece shows a very interesting blend of various texturing techniqes. There are a lot of elements to explore and investigate in this piece.

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