Elegant Forms
April 3, 2009
Entry Details

# 864
Ronny Eelen
Geel, **
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   7
  Height:   5
  Depth:   6
Materials:   wet beech

Elegance... anything can be elegant. An object, a man, a woman, a woman's dress, a line, a form... It is not important what is is, but how it is perceived by the viewer. Most of the time elegance can be found in the simplicity (my opinion) of the appearance. Not that you will find any simplicity in a woman though... But when she appears as such, elegance is not far away.

I tried to achieve this in a beech hollow form, with few distinctive elements in the surface and with a simple flowing line. The line starts at one end of the wings and goes around the whole piece until it finishes at the other far end. The single flowing line determines the piece.
Well, in the beginning anyway...

An elegant form has been created. And then nature steps in again. The men-created elegance softly fades and transforms into natural elegance, a natural appearance.
In the end, the wooden form itself has determined how it should look like...
What nature wanted is visible from all sides. No matter how many times you turn it around.
...and around...

Judges Comments
CD : A pleasing voluptuous curve. Nature's knots and cracks don't detract, but I don't feel that the natural rim belongs with this form.
DE : Certainly a very simple and uncomplicated form with an elegant top and a full-volume base. I imagine the oval shape of the green-to-dry form only adds to its visual simplicity.
TB : Congratulations on entering this competition. Just the process of creating a piece for a themed exhibition helps you push your creativity and your work to the next level. Nice simple shape. I really would have liked to have seen a picture of how the piece looks from the top.

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