Elegant Forms
April 3, 2009
Entry Details

# 846
Cassandra Speier
Germantown, TN
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   2.75
  Height:   6.25
  Depth:   0.00
Materials:   Black & White Ebony / Ebony

     My inspiration comes from so many but certainly Cindy Drozda (no brown nosing intended).  The Black & White blank I purchased at the TAW symposium in January.  This project was one of those on again off again projects like so many of the turners have.
      I love the detail in turning finials or pedestals like this.  I also love to turn thin wall and consequently I have a lot funnels.  The walls are approximately  1/16”.  The finish is spray Deft semi gloss and buffed with an Abralon pad.

Judges Comments
CD : Excellent choice of woods, they compliment each other nicely. With such thin walls, this must be a delightful piece to hold in the hand! I would like to see the cup and stem balance each other better visually. Longer stem would be my suggestion, but possibly shorter and thicker would work too.
DE : One of the nicest goblets I've seen. The use of materials is superb, and the proportions and workmanship are obviously thoughtfully executed. And don't be afraid of positive influences...that's how we got to be who we are. Congratulations.
TB : Congratulations on entering this competition. Just the process of creating a piece for a themed exhibition helps you push your creativity and your work to the next level. The dark spots in the wood work well with the wood you chose for the base. You might experiment with the length of the base - possibly shorter.

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