Elegant Forms
April 3, 2009
Entry Details

# 844
Harvey Meyer
Dunwoody, GA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   5"
  Height:   6"
  Depth:   5"
Materials:   Local river birch for the hollow form. African Blackwood for the collar.
This piece is titled "Black Lace". The hollow form was turned from a piece of river birch. I used handheld hollowing tools, with an arm brace, to hollow to a final wall thickness of 3/32" through a 1" hole.  The African Blackwood collar reduces the hole to 1/2". I used a 1/8" ball tip pyrography pen to burn the lines to form the fields that would later be pierced. After the burning was completed, I pierced each field using a high speed dental drill and a small carbide bur. A sprayed lacquer finish completes the piece. Thanks for looking.

This is a top view.

This a side view with the piece laying down.

Judges Comments
CD : The combination of texture, piercing and color works very well. An original variation on what has become a fairly common piercing style. Nice job! Being able to see through the vessel gives the concept of "vessel" new meaning, and invites exploration by the viewer. The black rim lacks crispness of detail, and doesn't seem to enhance the piercing. Perhaps a smaller, simpler shape for the rim outline would have worked better. I would also like to see the base of the vessel not hit so hard. Bringing the bottom curve around more completely would ease the vessel's transition to the ground, and would eliminate the flat section in the lower third of the piece.
DE : A nicely executed hollow form and I enjoyed the imagery of the piercing. I also felt that the blackwood element was a bit weak as a design as relates to the rest of the form and that the line of the form entering the foot was too straight to support the volume of the upper body and shoulder of the form.
TB : Congratulations on entering this competition. Just the process of creating a piece for a themed exhibition helps you push your creativity and your work to the next level. The element that surrounds the piercing works well in this piece. It might be fun to try leaving some of the inner areas unpierced - or even just one.

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