Elegant Forms
April 3, 2009
Entry Details

# 842
Charles Benson
Spokane, WA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   7
  Height:   11
  Depth:   7
Materials:   Australian White Top Burl
Maple Comp-Wood (bendable hardwood)
Brass coating and various patinas

A new approach to elegance.

This hollow form design initially sets the finial "off axis" and then brings the eye back to the primary finial element which is centered.

This movement (Smoke) is accomplished with the use of comp-wood. This comp-wood piece was initially turned, carved (flattened), bent to shape, then coated with a true brass coating and different patinas applied. Then the primary finial inserted in the comp-wood.

Australian White Top burl was used for the basic hollow-form.
The chimney, base and finial are made of ebony. These parts were finished with a homemade tung oil finish and buffed.

The initial hollowing was done through the base. The piece was then reversed for the offset  Chimney placement.

This approach is different for a finial but still keeping the continuity of an elegant form.

This view shows the "Smoke" from a front quarter.

This is a detailed view of the chimney, "Smoke" and finials

Judges Comments
CD : Well balanced, even down to the grain pattern. Very interesting piece. Elegant and whimsical is hard to pull off, but this piece does it.
DE : My favorite of the show. The off-set element coming from the base clearly sets a mood of elegance to the form, as well as the surprise support it provides for the finial. Elegant photos. Well done!
TB : Congratulations on entering this competition. Just the process of creating a piece for a themed exhibition helps you push your creativity and your work to the next level. This piece caught my eye right off the bat. It has a whimsical elegance that I enjoy. It is also a very unique idea.

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