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April 3, 2009
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# 823
Terry Scott
Auckland , **
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   6
  Height:   5
  Depth:   6
Materials:   Liquid Amber

   Made from Liquid Amber as I required a timber that didn't have over powering grain that would compete with the overall effect also because I needed a timber that was strong enough to be turned in the square without waste blocks .The tips of these pieces take quite a bit of punishment when being turned.
   This piece was a lead on from my Manta ray series. It took a few prototypes before I worked out how to turn the handle and spout so very little carving was required. As I am a woodturner ,even my carved pieces spend some time on the lathe.

   The piece was planned so it had grace and elegance for the most consensus tea drinker. Sitting on three feet and the wings give the work a grace and sense of movement .Many have commented how this piece has an attitude and that they thought it moved as they looked at it.

   The tea leaf pattern was taken from real tea leaves from my mother in-laws garden. Each leaf was then masked off an a shaded layer of six airbrushed translucent paints applied. The wings had a similar treatment with tea colors that when viewed from different angles appears to change color like a birds wing.
   Every attention to detail was meticulously thought out and many hours placed into this piece to be made into what I consider my best piece to date. The lid sits in a double groove with the satisfying plop that woodturners look for.

   The spot was carved from inside to meet the external  hole so when the lid is taken off a slight glow of light is reflected into the shadows. Yes the inside was sealed so it will hold liquid and pour.

   From every angle a secular grace can be seen. Please accept this piece of work called "Fly in For Tea," my entry into WoodCentral's competition.

Judges Comments
CD : Very well done! An excellent idea and successful design, well executed. This piece shows a lot of personality. Whimsical, and expressive, though perhaps not elegant. I do not feel that the leaf carving adds value to the piece. Perhaps an abstract texture rather than a representative design would work better. Besides, then we all wouldn't say "Jacques Vessery" when viewing it.
DE : This piece gains its 'elegance' more from its gestures than it's individual elements, each of which are nicely thought out and formed. I enjoyed its 'sassy' attitude. A slight caution that the surface carving is so similar to Jacques Vesery's work that it does draw away from the individuality of 'your' piece. Outstanding!
TB : Congratulations on entering this competition. Just the process of creating a piece for a themed exhibition helps you push your creativity and your work to the next level. I enjoyed looking at the whimsical nature of this piece - almost an Alice in Wonderland type pot. Great execution and idea.

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