Wall Cabinet Contest
March 1, 2005
Entry Details

# 78
Colin Stokes
Manheim, PA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   20
  Height:   42''
  Depth:   20" c
Materials:   The whole cabinet,,including full height backboards, is constructed from Curly Maple.The wood was finished with analine dyes,Boiled linseed oil,shellac, and wax. The Blind rat tail hinges were hand forged  by a local blacksmith and are morticed into the stile.the hinge plates are secured with hand whittled 1/4 inch square hickory pegs,Tradional wooden molding planes were used to make the corince,then scraped by hand. The cabinet does not have a rear spine as this would affect the asthetic of the fishtail shelf.  The six back boards are 7/16 solid curly maple and are shiplapped together.The boards are fixed to the inerior shelves and ceiling using hand forged rose head nails.
The cabinet stiles are made from one board and cut to match the grain at the mitred joint which is joined using a hardwood spline the full height of the face frame. The door is joined with hand cut murtice and tenon joinery.The raised panels were firlded using various hand planes
The door is overlaid on the cabinet .

this is a 2inch deep by 1 3/4 long and 1/16th inch wide mortice in the door stile to accept the hinge plate.
The three parts of the hand forged rat-tail hinge

Here you see the hinge plate being push fit in to the mortice cut in the door stile.

This is the detail of the split pin that attaches the rat tail pintle being cinched over on the back of the cabinet face frame. It was finished flat with no sharp protrusions, the ends being driven back in to the wood.
The finished cabinet.

Judges Comments
AJH : The attention to detail -- highlighted by the hand-forged hardware -- make this piece one of a kind. The proportions are perfect, as is the final luster of the finish.
DM : Outstanding. Made in the spirit of traditional hand tool use. I like the moldings and frame & panel door. Nice to see the attention to detail carried through the finish with aniline dye, shellac, and wax.
EW : This is a very ambitious and commendable cabinet. The design is derivative, but the execution is beautiful.
LG : A lot of hand work went into this piece. It's beautiful. The hardware is wonderful and your handprint on this cabinet is fabulous. This piece makes the point that the journey is as vital to the woodworking process as is the finished piece. You enjoyed the journey.
RJ : Here is a piece that is in a traditional style that shows great attention to detail and much thought has gone into the hardware, wood selection, and colouring and polishing. A great deal of handwork and a very attractive end result.

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