Wall Cabinet Contest
March 1, 2005
Entry Details

# 56
Martin McCarthy
Forestville, CA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   31
  Height:   34
  Depth:   9.75
Materials:   Mahogany, Western Maple, Port Orford Cedar, Manzanita burl.

I designed this piece to be dynamic while trying to maintain a certain element of elegance. The piece is veneered with shop sawn mahogany and western maple. The s-curves are tapered bent laminations, and joined to the shelves with scribed half laps. Captured and applied edge banding is also also bent lamination.

The door to the cabinet uses bent lamination rails and solid stiles and mullion. The frame is joined with a bridle joint. The door is hung on hand made brass L hinges. There is a false bottom on the interior of the cabinet to raise the floor to the top of the bottom rail. There is one flat piece of glass and one that has been slumped to a 5 in radius.

There are three drawers with hand cut dovetails. The drawer sides and pockets have planed in let-go (subly letting the user know when the drawer run stops). The Port Orford Cedar drawer bottoms add a wonderful aroma.

The cabinet is doweled and the drawer partitions and pockets are splined. There are three separate set in back panels.

The pulls are hand carved manzanita burl and attached with live tennons. The entire piece is finished with super blonde shellac and Goddard's Wax.

Judges Comments
AJH : Outstanding work on a handsomely designed piece. Oddly shaped or freeform cabinetry doesn't always work, but it works here very well. I especially like the curved-glass door.
DM : Excellent blend of design and craftsmanship. I love the asymmetry, the flow of the tapered bent laminations, and the incredible perfection of the dovetailed drawers.
EW : This is a stunning composition, reminiscent of some of the most ambitious work I've seen, with superb attention to detail and flawless execution. The slumped glass is an unusual touch. I wonder if you slumped it yourself and/or how it was done. Regardless, the overall presentation and execution of this piece speaks for itself and it's great. Nice job!
LG : Lovely work, Your lines are clean, complimentary and graceful. Very nice workmanship.
RJ : Technically sophisticated. Very clean workmanship showing well developed skills. The interplay between an enclosed cabinet and open shelving is intriguing. Nice detailing in the pulls. The photography helps as it's good quality and shows the piece in isolation-- no cluttered workshop in the background and shelves loaded with distracting items.

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