Wall Cabinet Contest
March 1, 2005
Entry Details

# 122
Jacob Snowbarger
Davenport, IA
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   16.125
  Height:   40.125
  Depth:   7.5
Materials:   Various maples, bought/found on seperate occasions at three seperate lumber retailers. I initially resawed the door skins out of a piece of trash I found at school (ISU), I bought the the carcass material at Iowa City where the material was in their short bin, and the rest came from New Windsor Illinois. The drawer and door pulls are indian rosewood.
In this image you see the overall cabinet. It is apparent the door skins are bookmatched. The carcass is assembled with through dovetails.

In this image the interior of the cabinet is visible. It was my goal to unify the exterior and the interior of the cabinet repeating the vocabulary provided in the door panels. Unable to find more of the maple with the parasite wounds I opted to use maple with significant minerla streaking on the back and the interal drawer boxes. The drawers took a condiserable amount of time to lay out; scale and the amount that each bank would decrease or offest went through many itterations before I commited to this layout. Wanting to break up the large space left above the bottom drawer back I refenced a previous design element in the cantileverad drawer box.

Here you will also notice my emphasis on movement and rhythm. The chatoyance of the each set of drawers complments the visual crescendo provided by both the decrease in height of each set of drawers but also the back and forth nature of the offsets, higlighted by the one seperate cantileverd drawer. The theme of rhythm was also established in the skin of the doors. The individual streaks of color slowly move away from each other and lengthen suggesting and increse in pitch and volume.

Here you can see the hand cut half blind dovetails and the detail on the underside of the drawer pulls.

The pile of drawers, dry fit prior to glueing. An abundance of hand cut dovetails.

Note the attention paid to the orientation of the light to dark in the drawer side. All of the drawers match in this manner. The base of the drawer is dark and slowly ascends to the lighter natural maple color, again referancing the vocabulary of the entire cabinet. The drawer bottoms themselves are all darker simular to the base.

Detail of the carcass dovettails. This is a first for me as I have never before dovetailed the carcass of a cabinet together before. Most often I will dowel it together.

Judges Comments
AJH : This is a very nice piece, and I'm glad you opted for the dovetails. Dowels are fine, but the dovetailed corners add much to this design.
DM : Well done, Fine work on the dovetails.
EW : I greatly appreciate your description of the thought process behind this delightful cabinet. What delights most is your attention to detail at all levels. A complex and superbly crafted piece.
LG : Very clean work. Good use of the wood at hand
RJ : Lots of good stuff going on here. Elegant proportions, well executed joinery, attractive woods, strong horizontals top and bottom, attention to detail continued in the drawer front selection and the placement of the drawers themselves. A great deal of functionality built in too.

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