Wall Cabinet Contest
March 1, 2005
Entry Details

# 105
Marsha Adams
Sandy, UT
Dimensions (inches):  
  Width:   18 1/2
  Height:   31
  Depth:   4 1/2
Materials:   Cherry and Spalted Maple
This Sunburst wall cabinet was built to house glass wear for a coffee bar area in a bedroom.  This cabinet was designed to fit a wall with a slanted ceiling.  The cabinet could not protrude very far out from the wall thus I designed it as slim as possible.  The handle was designed and created to enhance the spalted maple's sunburst features.  I did not however want the handle to be the focal point.  It is shallow on top, arching out taller where you would pull to open the door, finishing the arch to again a shallow protrusion at the bottom.  All joints are mortise and tenoned except for the top and bottom pieces are doweled.  
I designed the piece to have glass in the sides to give the piece an open feeling, since sunlight would be able to come in from large windows in the room.  However,  in the end darker glass was selected so one could not see into the cabinet.
The left door's triangle glass piece ended up having to be stationary.  The left door would not pivit as you tried to open it because of the slanted roof.  I created a superficial line on the right door to match where I had to cut the left door.  The peg's for the glass shelves were hand made as well as the inside door stop (you can't see it).  
This picture shows were it was hung.  The piece was finished with rub on varnish.

Judges Comments
AJH : Assymetrial cabinets don't always work, but the fact that it's matched to a specific architectural space make it a perfect fit. The bookmatched doors are wonderful. This cabinet works so well for its intended space, in fact, that if it were me I'd be seriously tempted to get rid of that air vent in the wall above it.
DM : The bookmatched doors really catch the eye. It is an unusual design that compliments the architecture of the home well.
EW : This is a lovely minimalist design solution with a dramatic visual statement, and it appears to be nicely made. The visual impact of the composition suffers a bit from the tension between the angled top and the organic shape of the burl figure.
RJ : I quite often like cabinets that are deliberately assymetrical, and here is an example that fits the bill. Apart from the flamboyant front panels the rest of the piece is light and spare. The selection of coloured glass hints at the dramatic effects that can be achieved if designers are willing to be bold and mix disparate materials.

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